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Rizala is a mutton preparation in creamy white gravy. The juxtaposition of red meat with gravy was specially designed to break the monotony of dark hues on the dastarkhwan.


Kareli botis                             1kg

Seene ka parcha                    kg

White onions                          300 gms

Ginger                                     20 gms

Garlic                                      20 gms

Green cardamom                   12 nos.

White pepper powder            5 gms

Desiccated coconut                 20 gms

Cashewnuts                            50 gms

Curd                                        250 gms

Khoya                                     150 gms

Cream                                     150 gms

Ghee                                       250 gms

Kewra Jal                               2 drops

Mitha ittr                                  2 drops

Silver leaves                           2

Salt                                          To taste

Wash and clean mutton pieces. Blanch in a pan of boiling water, remove the scum, drain  and  keep aside. Extract the juice of ginger and garlic and keep aside. Grind separately onions, cashewnuts and coconut to a fine paste. In a heavy bottomed pan place the mutton, pour enough water to cover, add salt, green cardamoms and bring to boil, then simmer. When the meat is half cooked, add the ground onions and the ginger-garlic juice. Cook until dry. Then add ghee and the beaten curd, fry till the meat is dry. Add the nut paste and coconut and fry for 2 to 3 minutes, taking care that the masala does not brown. Then add white pepper and 1 cups of water, or enough to cook the meat for a thick gravy. Simmer for a while. Remove from fire add kewra jal, mitha ittr and mashed khoya. Blend well. Finally add the cream. Serve hot garnished with silver leaf. Roomali roti is a good accompaniment for this dish.