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The raan, prepared in the Awadhi style lends grandeur to any formal dinner. The whole mutton leg, flavoured with saffron and cooked with rich nuts and freshly ground spices is a delectable dish.


Mutton  leg                              1kg

Raw papaya                            100 gms

Roasted gram flour                1 tbsp.

Pure ghee                               300 gms

Silver foil                                2 leaves

Almonds                                  5 gms

Salt                                          to taste


Curd                                        250 gms

Red chilli powder                        5 gms

Onions sliced                          200 gms

Ginger paste                           20 gms

Garlic juice                             20 gms

Saffron                                    a pinch

Yellow colour                          a pinch


Cashewnuts                            200 gms

Chironji                                   25 gms

Poppy seeds                           50 gms

Desiccated coconut                 10 gms


Green cardamom                   3 gms

Cardamoms                            5 gms

Peppercorns                           3 gms

Cloves                                     6 nos

Nutmeg                                   5 gms

Mace                                      1 blade

Wash and clean the mutton leg removing the membrane. Prick it well with a fork. Then apply crushed raw papaya and a teaspoon of  salt on the raan. Rub it so that the papaya juice penetrates the meat. Marinate for 2 hours. Fry sliced onions to a golden brown colour and grind to a paste. Prepare masala B by slightly roasting on a griddle the first three ingredients and grinding to a paste adding the desiccated coconut. Also grind separately masala C.

In the curd mix the onion paste, ginger paste, garlic juice, chilli powder, a pinch of saffron, edible yellow colour, roasted gram flour and salt. Apply on the mutton leg, rubbing the marinade well so that it coats the leg evenly. Keep aside for 2 hours. Then cover with masala B and  Cmixed. Place a lagan on a slow coal fire. Pour ghee and place leg with all the marinade in it. Cover with a lid and place live coal on it and put it on dum for 15 minutes. Remove the lid and turn the raan, cover and cook for 15 minutes or till the meat is tender.

Remove from lagan and serve hot on a large platter garnished with silver leaf and finely chopped almonds. Goes well with sheermal.