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Kaliya is a mutton preparation with gravy along with the compulsory inclusion of turmeric or saffron. It is a preparation partaken commonly and can be had at lunch or dinner or both. To create novelty in this popular dish some variations have been devised by the cooks of the Awadh for  instance Mahi Kaliya, Chandi Kaliya and the unbeatable Kundan Kaliya. The later is a delicacy designed by the bawarchis and rakabdars to please their Nawabs. The use of gold leaf in this dish lends a touch of luxury to it.  The carefully carved mutton pieces wrapped in gold leaf, placed in a bed of rich gravy shimmering with gold amalgamated in it is a stimulant for jaded appetites.


Mutton                                    1kg.  

Onions                                    500 gms

Ginger                                     50 gms

Garlic                                      30 gms

Curd                                        250 gms

Balai                                       200 gms

Salt                                          to taste

Ghee                                       400 gms

Gold leaf                                 10

Saffron                                    A pinch

Yellow edible colour              A pinch


Cloves                                     5 gms

Green Cardamom                  5 gms

Mace                                      2 gms

Peppercorns                           tsp.

Brown cardamom                   5 gms

Cinnamon                               5 gms


Coriander powder                    10 gms

Turmeric powder                      10 gms

Red chilli powder                       10 gms

Lazzat-e-taam                            tsp

Wash the mutton pieces and blanch in a pan with boiling water.Strain and keep the mutton aside. Slice onions finely and fry in ghee till golden brown. Drain the fat crush finely using 2 tbsp. Curd. Grind ginger to a paste, and extract garlic juice. Grind masala A finely. Carve the mutton pieces into square or round pieces. Heat the ghee in a degchi, add the mutton, onion-curd mixture, ginger paste and garlic juice and fry for 10 minutes.  Then add masala B and stir for 5 minutes. Then add beaten curd 1 tbsp. at a time, stirring constantly so that the curd is incorporated in the masala. Fry till the ghee separates, add a cup of water and masala A. Cover and cook till the mutton is tender. When done, remove the pieces of mutton from the gravy and keep aside. Strain the gravy through a muslin cloth or a fine sieve. Add mashed and strained balai to the gravy. To the sauce add crushed saffron and the yellow colour. Then cook the mutton pieces in the sauce on a slow fire for 5 minutes. Serve hot in a shallow dish covering mutton with gold leaf. Mix the rest of the gold leaves in the gravy with a fork so that the gravy looks like emulsified gold! Kundan Kaliya or the Golden Kaliya, goes well with the chapatti or naan.